Mount Mian

Mount Mian

Mount Mian, also called Mount Jie, a branch of Mount Taihang, is located 20 km in the southeast of Jiexiu County, with an elevation of 2440 m, and gets its name for its terrain stretching in an unbroken chain. It is where the famous official of State of Jin, Jie Zitui, had embraced his mother for martyrdom, and also a scenic spot with natural landscape and buddhist culture fused together. The Mount Mian has lofty mountains which rise and fall to stretch in an unbroken chain for more than one hundred miles, and here is a tourism summer resort since ancient times. The Mount Mian has abundant sources of water, dense natural plants, cliffy mountains, most of which are cliffs and caverns of steep pattern. As early as in the Northern Wei Dynasty, there was a temple built in the mountain, and there was a Buddhist temple of a considerable size during Early Tang Dynasty. There are a lot of historical sites in Mount Mian, about 18 km for a round-trip, commonly known as "Eighteen curves of hill path for nine li, twenty four Heavens Little Temples spread out everywhere." There is a Tiesuo Ridge one hundred meters in the east of the Buddha Embrace Rock, there was originally an iron chain of rings of dozens of meters in length here, which was hung from the top of the cliff, from which you can climb down to reach the Yinkong Cavity, Bamboo Forest Temple, Iron Tile Temple, Mosta Dome and other places at the top of Mount Mian.



Mount Mian Landscape Resort, Mount Mian Town, Jiexiu City, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province

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Mount Mian Temple Fair of Cultural Cold Food Tomb-Sweeping Festival 2. Mount Mian Temple Fair

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