Guangwu Castle

Guangwu Castle

Introduction: The ole and new Guangwu Castles are situated outside the Yanmen Pass and at the eastern and western position at the lower passes of Gouzhu Mountain. The old Guangwu Castle was built on the western path of the pass in the Liao Dynasty, whereas the new Guangwu Castle was built on the eastern path of the pass in Hongwu 7 years in the Ming Dynasty (1374 AD). The two castles keep a distance of 5 li. Old Guangwu Castle: It faces the internal Great Wall in the south, neighbors to the former castle of Yinguan in the Han Dynasty in the north, leans on the new Guangwu Castle in the east and joins with the historic site of Yanmen Pass in the Liao Dynasty in the west. It was started in the Liao Dynasty and firstly constructed by clay. New Guangwu Castle: It is situated at 3km outside the Yanmen Pass; it was constructed relying on the mountain and has a circumference of 1.5km; one half was seated on the hillside, whereas the other half was built on the plain in front of the mountain, and the moon ladder was taken as the defense station in front of the pass; The castle walls are 10m high with a 5m wide bottom which has a trapezoid cross-section with a wide upper side and narrow upper side; the base foundation made of stone bars is fully covered by bricks; the castle is provided with four doors including eastern pass door, a southern pass door as well as a big and a small northern pass doors; the characters of “Impregnable Pass of Three Jin” are carved on the stone tablet at the big northern pass door; the castle consists of three lines of defense inside, including barbican, mid-castle and southern barbican. The new and old Guangwu Castles are both closely related with and mutually independent from the Yanmen Pass; the construction of the two castles strengthened the deployment of military strength at the Yanmen Pass and reduced the pressure of the attack for the Yanmen Pass.



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Shanxi belonging to the continental monsoon climate has bigger difference in temperature between day and night, less precipitation and frequent windy and sandy days in the spring and autumn. In addition, you’d better prepare some moisturizer due to the dry weather; meanwhile, please carry the raingear for convenience of possible need when necessary. Simple luggage is recommended, and tourist shoes and flat rubber shoes with soft soles as well as casual clothes are preferred.

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